Membership Alliance

The Community

As you can see, we’re so much more than some stiff neck organization that screams and yells about issues and hosts boring town hall meetings where honestly nothing really gets solved except hunger from some free donuts and coffee given. Nah, this is something more meaningful. It’s a community of people who have found their place fighting to solve an issue that connects us all, regardless of who we are or where we from.  

The Cause

"2% is not enough."

Yup, that’s a pretty common phrase around these parts. It’s those few short words that brought this family together. But what does it mean?

We’re glad you asked.

Believe it or not, less than 2% of teachers nationwide are Black men. Shocking right?

We can't see it, but, we're assuming your face looks a little something like this right now ( insert gif of frowning or shocked of some sort etc. )  Yeah, that’s what we said too!

The Responsibilities

So, we figured, we could either sit around holding our heads, crying about these issues, or we could stand up, revolt, and engage in revolution.

You see BMEC is more than an organization that is looking to solve a problem. No, those that stand with us are taking on something bigger, a responsibility. A responsibility to make sure that every student has the opportunity to learn from someone that looks like them. A responsibility to bring 1000 Black Male Educators in the Philadelphia school system by 2025.

So here’s the question, will you play your part?