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Application Deadline for Relay Special Education Certification


June 30th is the deadline to apply for Relay Special Education Certification.

From Justin Harper of

Friends of Relay!
This year, Relay is thrilled to be offering a Special Education certification track! And, we want you thinking about who in your schools, your networks, and your professional / personal circles who might benefit from a Special Education certification from Relay!

Action – Please forward this email to your people and tell them to act now. If you have a staff member that needs this, sit down with them and talk to them about this program. If they have questions, let me know.

We have two different options:

  • 1- year SPED certification - If you are already general education certified in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, you can come to Relay for a one-year Special Education certification program.
  • 2- year Dual certification - If you are not certified, you can attend Relay’s dual certification program (General Education certification in year 1, and Special Education certification in year 2)

Attached please find a handout with the details, but here are a few headliners…

The one-year SPED program includes:

  • Two week summer session (July 24th – July 28th, July 31st – August 4th)
  • Weekly classes during the school year
  • 1-2 Saturdays per term
  • And, online work to compliment your in person schedule.

And, the cost is $9,000 for the one-year program. Please reach out if interested in the dual certificate program.

And, your employer might contribute to offset the cost!

In order to apply you would go directly to the Relay website and apply today. The June 30th deadline is rapidly approaching so I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out and see if you have questions.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email with any and all questions.

Thanks and have a great day!

Justin Harper