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REGISTER TODAY: Action Civics Initiative 2017 Summer Convening

  • National Constitution Center (map)

From Civic Nation

Registration closes on June 30th.

We are very pleased to invite you to the first Action Civics Initiative Summer Convening to be held at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia on August 2, 2017 from 8am till 5pm.

Below you will find information about the initiative and the convening as well as instructions for registering and booking travel to Philadelphia.

All attendees must register using this registration form. The first 150 registrants will have their conference fees waived. After that, there is a $75 fee for meal and venue costs, so please register soon.

Registration closes on June 30th. Unless you have been informed otherwise, all guests are responsible for their own travel arrangements. A hotel block has been secured at the Sheraton Downtown for $119 per night ($137 including tax.) Please call 1-800- 325-3535 and ask or the “Action Civics Initiative Summer Convening.”

The Sheraton Downtown is a 25-minute walk or 10-minute car ride from the National Constitution Center.  


The Action Civics Initiative is a non-partisan network of thirty-one organizations working together to expand the number of young Americans who are offered substantial, experiential, civic learning through in or out of school, and to thereby increase the quality and equity of civic learning in America.

The initiative does not promote one curriculum, rather it promotes four strategies—student voice, deliberation, real-world interactions with civic officials and processes, and strong instructor support—that can be easily applied to suit the different needs of each community. These four strategies are complementary to other forms of civic learning, and action civics can be offered in ways that amplify book-learning, mesh with service learning requirements, align with the six proven practices of the Civic Mission of Schools, interact with digital services, and more.

This style of discourse—an action-based civic education—gives young people the opportunity to use their voice and offers them some knowledge and tools. As a result, research shows they come to recognize themselves as valuable actors within the civic life of our communities, able to work together discussing and acting upon shared problems or innovative ideas. Action civics gives young people a sense of agency and belief in their ideas and opinions that deepens their understanding of civics and government. The emphasis on student voice, deliberation, and interacting with real-world officials and processes makes civics real and relevant.

There is also a growing body of research that shows that this style of civic learning can contribute to academic success, a reduction in dropout rates, and valuable leadership skills in young people. It can promote valuable skills like persuasive communication, group-work, critical thinking, and many more—all necessary for success in the workplace.

Currently, the thirty one organizations of the Action Civics Initiative (see list of organizations below) are refining a strategic plan to build upon this research foundation and expand the offering of action civics learning across our nation.