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DragonsTeach Middle Years — Mentor Teacher Application Due


Application Deadline: June 1

DragonsTeach Middle Years Overview

Year after year, urban districts and schools like those in Philadelphia struggle to find enough high quality teachers to meet the needs of their students, a challenge that is likely to get worse in the coming years as federal estimates point to at least a 10 percent increase in teacher vacancies nationwide by 2020. To respond to this pressing need, PSP, Drexel University, TNTP, and local Philadelphia middle schools have partnered to create DragonsTeach Middle Years (DTMY), an undergraduate teaching program that will create a new pipeline of effective teachers for urban Philadelphia middle schools drawn from Drexel's undergraduate population. DTMY coursework leads to Level I Pennsylvania Instructional teaching certification and includes a comprehensive pre-residency and a full-time, 24-week teacher residency in lieu of more standard 12-week student teaching models.

DTMY’s mission is to prepare highly effective teachers for the urban Philadelphia schools where they are most needed. Training will be focused on developing those skills identified as most critical to new teacher success in urban classrooms, and all fieldwork will occur in local urban schools to ensure that program graduates are well prepared to succeed in similar environments once they are lead teachers in local Philadelphia middle schools.

Position Overview

DTMY Mentor Teachers will play a critical role in helping prepare DragonsTeach Middle Years (DTMY) residents to make a difference in the lives of Philadelphia’s middle school students. As DTMY launches its first cohort of teacher residents, we’re looking for Mentor Teachers certified in Math, Science, and or English to partner and improve one of Philadelphia’s newest teacher prep programs. In DTMY’s inaugural year (2017-18) Mentor Teachers will have the opportunity to participate in year-long, afterschool trainings on how best to support aspiring teachers. Upon successful completion of this training, Mentor Teachers will be eligible to host Drexel students in the 2017-2018 and 2018-19 school years where they observe, co-teach or sample teach lessons as part of their early coursework.  As students prepare for their fulltime residency in 2019-20, DTMY will give Mentor Teachers the opportunity to develop proficiency in latest instructional and coaching best practices while they help shape DTMY’s new approach to teacher preparation. To give residents the frequent, targeted feedback they need to quickly improve, Mentor Teachers will receive training on co-planning, co-teaching, modeling lessons, classroom observation, and our program coaching and evaluation tools. By the time DTMY students enter their 2019-20 residency, Mentor Teachers will ultimately take on more responsibility in their schools, co-planning lessons and providing feedback to residents each day, offering residents more clinical teaching experience than any other program in the country that allows students to graduate on time with both their content degree and teacher certification. Mentor Teachers will be carefully selected for the DTMY program for their ability to engage students in challenging instruction and help residents develop the knowledge and skills they need to boost student achievement. 

Mentor Teacher Responsibilities

In 2017-18 and 2018-19, Mentor Teachers will: 

  • Attend approximately three afterschool DTMY Mentor Teacher trainings
  • Share ongoing feedback on DTMY observation and evaluation tools to inform program design and implementation 
  • Provide effective, ongoing informal feedback, coaching, and other supports to DTMY student using the observation tools(For Mentor Teachers who host a DTMY student during early coursework)

In 2019-20, Mentor Teachers will: 

  • Serve as a model teacher for resident to emulate and learn from 
  • Attend DMTY Mentor Teacher training/professional development 
  • Gradually release instructional responsibilities to residents 
  • Provide ongoing informal feedback, coaching, and other supports to resident 
  • Provide formal feedback to the resident and Drexel Site Director 
  • Incorporate resident into ongoing instructional support activities such as planning, assessment and family outreach 
  • Collaborate with the DTMY Site Director to provide feedback on resident progress and aid in the development of resident goals 

Mentor Teacher Qualifications

  • Strong instructional track record, based on evaluation ratings in the top tier/s of the scale 
  • Principal recommendation to become a mentor teacher