Are Schools Seeking Black Overseers to Control Black Students?

From Urban Joy

By Kelli Seaton, Ph.D.

The article below is based on interviews with several Black male educators who work in urban school settings on the east coast. In an effort to honor the perspectives of those participating in the interviews, several of them created the title for this article.  I often think one of the best questions to ask ourselves is, “What am I learning about myself and about those around me?”  The title the Black men selected was not something I would have chosen.  After interviewing them, I have a better understanding of their perspective. Great lesson for me.

“It’s about policing Black bodies.”

A very successful educator sent me a text not long ago that said that all of the deans in a particular school are Black males. This raises an interesting and perennial question, “Why are so many deans Black men? Is managing school culture seen as a ‘Black male’ thing to do?”

To explore this theme, I asked several Black male educators for their thoughts. There was a consensus that Black males assume the majority of disciplinary roles because (...)

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