Creating Reflections: My Drive to Inspire and Develop the Next Generation of Black Male Teachers


From Indy Ed

By David McGuire

“What made you become an educator?” My answer is always the same: “What else would I do?”  I know I could have pursued another career, but now I honestly cannot see myself doing anything else. I began my career as a high school teacher and although I am no longer in the classroom, I feel like I never stopped being a teacher. I taught at a traditional public school, but then spent time teaching at a state takeover charter school. Somewhere in between, I found a greater calling. I wanted to inspire and develop the next generation. I wanted to get more black male teachers into the classroom. I wanted to do that with high school students. For me, it is about creating reflections. I want to create reflections for black boys to see themselves as teachers. Teaching and being an educator is bigger than me. This job is not about my individual accomplishments, but about the accomplishments of the masses.  I want to leave a mark. I wanted to leave my imprint on the profession. The best way to do that is to inspire the next generation.

Margot McMahon