Having a Black Male Teacher is Everything to These Kids and One Group is Working to Make it Happen

From GoodSchoolHunting.org

By Erika Sanzi

We already know that students of color do better even if they have just one black teacher. A recent study out of Johns Hopkins confirms it.

Black students matched to black teachers have been shown to have higher test scores but we wanted to know if these student-teacher racial matches had longer-lasting benefits. We found the answer is a resounding yes,” said co-author Nicholas Papageorge of Johns Hopkins. “We’re seeing spending just one year with a teacher of the same race can move the dial on one of the most frustratingly persistent gaps in educational attainment — that of low-income black boys. It not only moves the dial, it moves the dial in a powerful way.

But there is something uniquely compelling when we hear from black students themselves about why having teachers who look like them is important. Students here, in this short video clip, explain:

Thankfully, my colleague and friend Sharif El-Mekki is working hard to get more black men into the classroom.

Margot McMahon