NCES survey: Charter principals more likely to be black or Hispanic

From Education DIVE

By Linda Jacobson

The data on principals was just a preview of a longer report to be released later this fall, Education Week reports. The survey also explores differences in how charter and traditional principals view their level of influence over areas such as teacher evaluation, curriculum and professional development.

The survey speaks to the larger issue of whether efforts to diversify the workforce have been successful. As the percentage of non-white students in public schools has increased over time, teachers and school administrators are still largely white and female. Research suggests, however, that students of color can benefit by attending a school that is led by a principal of the same race. Earlier this year, a study appearing in the Elementary School Journal showed that black students are more likely to be referred to gifted programs if they attend a school with a black principal or have black teachers. The same was true for Hispanic students in schools with more Hispanic teachers.

Margot McMahon