I Was a Black Male Born Into Poverty, So I Wrote This Book to Help Others Like Me

As a Black male born into poverty and raised by a single father who was a high school dropout, I used to believe that my fate was already determined.

Growing up in an environment that lacked great education and hope suppressed my ability to dream beyond my community. My formal education never unlocked the potential possibilities for myself or taught me the importance of having a sense of self in a world of possibilities.

Limited access to information and knowledge, limits a child’s exposure to what’s possible. It was with the help of my mentor, Danny Farmer, and being introduced to new information outside of the educational system that ignited the spark for me to realize that anything was possible.

Now as an award-winning educator, author of five books, national speaker and disability scholar, I ask myself how can I reach and inspire not only the students in my classroom, but students everywhere.

How can I expose kids to the knowledge that will empower them while also introducing them to various content not taught at school?

Jennifer Krout