I Have 770 Children. Okay, Not Really. But I Love My Students All the Same.

From Education Post

By Sharif El-Mekki

“Education among all kinds of men, always had, and always will have, an element of…revolution.” —W.E.B DuBois
“The most revolutionary thing a Black man can do is to build a strong, cohesive family unit.”—Malcolm X

I have 770 children. I fathered six of them, while 764 were birthed to other parents.

As a principal, I view my role and life mission of serving other people’s children in the same way that I want my biological children to be loved: educated, supported, challenged and held accountable.

There is really no other way to approach this work when you look at fatherhood through an expanded lens; through nation building and honoring the generations to come. Fathers have no choice, they look to their future generations to carry on their work and dreams.

The reason why people describe schools as families is because of the deep relationships that must be present, nurtured and restored, and invested in, in order for schools to function at optimal levels.

That is no different than our biological and/or chosen families. As a father or an educator, the required level of commitment means not only thinking about who is in front of you at the moment, but who is yet to come. I fret about my grandchildren and my grand-students, as I expect all to play a role in advancing the cause for our communities. And, my hope wholly lies in the daily investments I put forth in my grands’ future parents.

Jennifer Krout