Statement of Organizational Support for the Black Lives Matter Week of Action

We, the undersigned organizations and individuals publicly express our support for and solidarity with teachers and community members and actions from February 5th through the 10th, in recognition of making Black Student Lives Matter in our schools.

We support organizing for Black Lives in schools across the country, with a focus on three demands that educators and communities are making at the national level:

1. Ending zero tolerance in our schools
2. Hiring and retaining teachers of color in our schools
3. Organizing anti-racism training, Black studies, and ethnic studies to our schools

We believe that these goals are vital for educators, parents, students, and all communities in order to...
*create a space for introspection and dialogue around the 13 guiding principles.
*build deeper connections across educators, parents, students, and community members
*stand in support with national organizing supporting Black Lives Matter.
*empower students and student organizers to play a leading role in this week and beyond

As this work continues beyond February 10, we support the Racial Justice Statement written by the Caucus of Working Educators, which asserts that “purposeful action needs to be taken in order to eliminate the adverse outcomes derived from perpetual structural racism evident in public education,”

This ongoing work will promote equality; the value of human life; educational, political, and social justice. It requires us to develop the necessary knowledge and actions necessary to eliminate the barriers structural prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination, and bias create in Philadelphia and beyond. We are committed to teaching, learning, and culture in our classrooms that reflect these missions and goals, and on our role in building the leadership of our students to live by them. The survival and empowerment of all communities demands this.

Rashiid Coleman