It’s Hard to Get a Teaching Job When You’re Black


By Marilyn Rhames

"Is it possible for a school to change the trajectory of low-income Black students’ lives while denying people who look like their aunts, uncles, mothers and fathers the opportunity to teach at the school?

In other words, what is the long-term effect of a school system that seeks to inspire low-income Black students to dream big but sees little value in exposing them to educators who share their cultural experience?

Is it realistic, then, to expect Black students to aspire to become teachers when they can rightfully doubt that they’d ever be hired at their own school?

I’ve been asking these probing questions for years, so I almost shouted “Hallelujah!” when I came across the new report, “Where Are All the Black Teachers? Discrimination in the Teacher Labor Market,” published in the Harvard Educational Review."


Margot McMahon