Right now, less than 2% of teachers nationwide are Black men. In Philadelphia, this number is only marginally better: about 4% of all teachers are Black men in a district with a student body that is 50.49% Black and 27% Black male. 

Not only is the percentage of Black male educators in the School District of Philadelphia unacceptably low, over the last 10 years the number has dropped by almost 20% with no sign of reversing. All while the percentage of students of color continue to increase in Philadelphia and across the country.

The underrepresentation of Black men in the teacher corps not only negatively affects students of color, but all students who enter the classroom.

The Fellowship: Black Male Educators for Social Justice is a professional membership and activist organization dedicated to advancing the recruitment, development and retention of Black male educators in schools throughout Greater Philadelphia.

We count within our network more than 665 current or prospective Black male educators, each of whom is actively mentoring at least one man through the student-teacher pathway, whether he’s a high schooler, college student or someone thinking about a mid-career switch.

To address the unique obstacles of Black male educators, we have partnered with over 20 organizations to develop targeted programs to dramatically bolster the representation and retention of Black males throughout the career life cycle of an educator.


  • Double the number of Black male educators in Philadelphia from 348 to 696.
  • Grow the pipeline of Black male educators applying for positions in Philadelphia.
  • Reduce attrition of Black male educators in Philadelphia. 
  • Expand the Fellowship network, doubling the number of members, allies and program partners.
  • Consistent survey results that show Fellowship programs and services support the recruitment, development and retention of Black male educators in Philadelphia.